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Поначалу хотела написать эту серию постов уже после выпуска, когда перед глазами будет полная картина. Но, зная меня, лучше начать писать сейчас, пока свежо и пока не упустила момент. Тем более, возможно, кому-то это поможет решиться и успеть поступить к началу осеннего семестра '2016. Итак, я…
Интересно, сколько надо отвалить за право там поплескаться =)
Я нашла четкий ответ на твой вопрос:
• A $250,000 donation to the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation, some of which will reportedly be used to repair cracks in the Neptune Pool.

• A $22,100 special events fee to State Parks, plus reimbursement for any expenses relating to production.

• $25,000 for a study evaluating the feasibility of connecting two wells in the San Simeon Campground to Cambria’s water system.

• Who knows how much revenue and publicity for local businesses, including the Cambria Ale House, where Gaga visited with her entourage.

• A short video about the Castle, to be donated to the Hearst Castle Foundation.

• A public service announcement urging water conservation that earned a gushing thank you letter from Gov. Jerry Brown, who praised Gaga for helping “Hearst Castle, the communities surrounding San Simeon and the state as a whole.”

• Great exposure for Hearst Castle, especially with the 35-and-younger crowd — the very demographic State Parks needs to court if it wants to keep Castle attendance healthy.

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Хм, думала, даже дороже будет.
Думаю, Гаге вообще карман не облегчило помочь парковой службе))
а если ты не Леди Гага, то: Several times a year, the mansion holds benefit auctions where visitors can bid for a chance to spend an evening on the property or go for a swim in the pools.